1.      The contract is stipulated between you and "DELPHINUS DIVING SCHOOL"


    2.      All prices are listed in Euros and are per person. Dive packages are personal and cannot be shared.


    3.      We are responsible for providing and guaranteeing all your booked services. Online Price is  only available to bookings confirmed with a full payment at least 2 days in advance. Once your booking is completed (after full payment), you will receive an email voucher with a full description of all the ordered services and payment made. You must print this out and present it at check-in at the Diving Center.


    4.      Any additional charge and extra-activity will have to be settled online, if ordered in advance, or at the diving center, if ordered on site.


    5.      Delphinus Diving School reserve the rights to change the prices without further notice due to changes in local taxes, governmental fees etc. Your booking is still valid in original price in case  you have booked and paid in advance.


    6.       It is your responsibility to ensure that you fulfill the necessary prerequisites to participate to the Scuba Diving activities you have booked, in accordance to your certification level and your logged dives.

    Please note that:

    a)    All students booking Dive Courses must meet the course pre-requisites prior to booking the course

    b)   All divers included in your dive package booking must hold a regular internationally recognized Scuba Diving certification. The certification card must be shown at the Diving Center upon check-in.

    c) All divers have to be in good health and, in case of particular medical conditions, must bring with them a valid scuba diving     medical certificate.

    d) At the check in, you will be asked by the Diving Center to fill a “medical disclaimer” form (which can also be downloaded from the booking page of the online site). Please note that if any questions have been marked with “yes” on the medical form you will need to visit a physician to obtain a signed clearance to dive certificate. If you will fail to present the medical form signed by your doctor ( when applicable), you will not be able to participate in diving activities or scuba courses. Refund of your payment will be done with 10% cancellation fee of your online booking.






    Change/Cancellation upon Diver’s decision:

    1.      If you need to change your booking, we will do our best to facilitate the changes with reasonable prior notice (24 hours notice). In cases of a “no show”, by any of the named clients in your booking due to “unforeseen circumstances” (any circumstance which is not foreseeable in any way and not known beforehand by the users for example illness), we will accept to change the user’s name, considering that all required conditions regarding pre-booked services remain unchanged.

    2.      If you need to cancel your booking before arrival, inform us by email to info@delphinus.eu with explanation. We will proceed with a refund of your payment with deduction of cancellation fees (see below) and bank fees occurred by our company.

    3.      We need to receive, 24 hours before the beginning of your scuba diving activities, any information about flight schedule changes, which could result in a change of plan in your pre-booked activities.

    4.      No refund will be considered due in cases where you decide to interrupt your scuba diving holiday without a serious and proved reason which doesn’t allow you use pre-booked services.

    Cancellation Policy:

    Scuba diving/courses:

    ·        A fixed fee of 50 Euros will be charged in case of cancellation, up to the 15th day prior to the first day of diving activities;

    ·        From the 14th day to the 5th day prior to the first day of diving activities, 10% of the total booking amount will be charged;

    ·        From the 4th day to the 2nd day prior to the first day of diving activities, 30% of the total booking amount will be charged;

    ·        From less than 2 days: 50% of the total booking amount will be charged.

     Dive & Stay packages:

    ·        A fixed fee of 50 Euros will be charged in case of cancellation, up to the 15th day prior to the arrival date;

    ·        From the 14th day to the 8th day prior to the arrival date, 50% of the total booking amount will be charged;

    ·        From the 7th day to the day prior to the arrival date, 75% of the total booking amount will be charged;

    ·        No show will be subject to full payment.


    Change/Cancellation upon Diving Center’s decision:

    In such cases where it is impossible for Delphinus Diving School to provide pre-booked services because of “unforeseen circumstances” (any circumstance or situation which are beyond our control, such as bad weather conditions, equipment failure, strikes, wars, terrorism, power cuts, industrial disputes etc.), or in case the Diving Center doesn't provide the trip because the minimum number of participants has not been reached, the Diving Center will:

    a) Provide an alternative and equivalent service as per price and characteristics, if available;

    b) Realize part of the service and refund the non realized services;

    c) A complete refund of the total amount.



    Delphinus Diving School strongly recommends, for your safety and your enjoyment, a refresher dive  / Scuba Review to be taken at the beginning of your diving holiday Whatever the diving certification you hold, in the event you haven’t been diving for at least 6 months you will be requested to take a refresher dive / Scuba Review, which will help you in gaining back confidence with diving and diving equipment.  

    Having Diving Insurance is Obligatory unless you are insured.  Copy of diving insurance should be presented at the front office during a check-in.



    In case of adverse weather/sea conditions or in the case of existing dangers which leads to the cancellation of activities, we are not responsible for the interruption of you scuba diving activities. We will try our best, in any case, to let you have the minimum disruption in case of such events.


    Wherever possible we, Delphinus Diving Schools updates the information (as accommodation, courses, scuba diving, routes, timetable, etc.) on its website in as timely a manner as is possible. However there may be circumstances where our information is incorrect due to local conditions. Tours, excursions, boat cruises or daily trips could be modified because of particular local conditions as: weather, yearly religious recurrences, chiefs of state meeting, unexpected happenings etc. All the mentioned conditions could be the cause of ‘inevitable’ and ‘unusual’ anomalies that could modify all the published information on our brochures or on our website. As soon as we receive any information about short/long-time changes, we will do our best to inform you before your arrival.

    We work hard to keep all our promotional material and websites up to date but should you notice anything that could be changed please feel free to inform as accordingly.



    In case any event suggests that your behavior is not respectful of the diving center rules or damaging other’s people tranquility and fun, we reserve the right to refuse your booked services. In this case we will not consider any refund as due.



    If you have, during your holiday, any complaint, we suggest you give it, as soon as possible, to the manager of the Diving Center on site, in order to let him/her find a solution as quickly and efficiently as possible. If the issue remains unsettled during your holiday, we invite you to send a written complaint to the Delphinus Diving School Management (info@delphinus.eu) within 21 days from your holiday's end. We will answer you within 7 working days by email .




    We reserve the right to refuse or interrupt at any time, your scuba diving activities in event that you do not respect the environment or the diving rules set by the local authorities.



    If something about our organization or booked activities is not as in the brochure description or its standards don’t reach a reasonable level and this situation can be attributed to us, we will assume responsibility for this. We are not responsible in case of death, personal injuries or damage when they are not caused by our staff or supplier misdeed, and/or caused by non-compliance with the safety rules explained by our staff. We are not responsible in case of death, injuries and damages caused by unforeseeable events that, even with all the due attention, we couldn’t prevent or avoid.



    Website Copyright: Delphinus Diving School owns the copyright of the materials inside this website. The access to the website doesn’t authorize you to copy and/or propagate such information in any way.




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