Orange bay

45 EUR / adult

25 EUR / child

Duration 8 hours


Orange Bay is a beautiful destination for anyone who loves nature, adventure, and relaxation. It is located on the Giftun Island, which is a protected area in the Red Sea, about 45 minutes by boat from Hurghada. Orange Bay offers a variety of activities and attractions for visitors, such as snorkeling, parasailing, jet skiing, fishing, and more. It also has a stunning beach with white sand, turquoise water, and colorful umbrellas.

One of the main attractions of Orange Bay is the snorkeling experience. The bay has a rich and diverse marine life, with hundreds of species of fish and coral reefs. Snorkelers can explore the underwater world and admire the beauty and diversity of the aquatic creatures. Some of the fish that can be seen include clownfish, butterflyfish, angelfish, lionfish, and more. The coral reefs are also impressive, with different shapes, colors, and sizes. Some of the corals that can be found include brain coral, fire coral, staghorn coral, and more. Snorkeling in Orange Bay is a great way to learn about the marine ecosystem and appreciate its beauty.


  • The boat trip usually lasts for 7 to 8 hours, and you will have 2 hours of free time on the island to relax on the white sandy beach or swim in the crystal clear water2. You will also stop at two different snorkeling spots where you can see colorful fish and coral reefs.
  • You should bring sunglasses, sun hat, swimwear, towel, camera, and sunscreen for your trip. You will also need a valid passport or ID card to enter the national park.

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